Why Social Media has Ruined My Life

So I exaggerated – social media hasn’t ruined my life. And this isn’t a post lamenting the evils of social media. But it’s a thought that popped through my head today as I was attempting to spend a few moments with God.

Another Perspective on A ‘Positive Abortion Story’

Recently, a video of a young woman’s abortion procedure has received a lot of attention. This woman said that she wanted to share her story with others and prove that abortion could be a “positive experience.” The video follows her into the procedure and focuses on her

Everyone has a stage

I couldn’t help but notice all last night and today that a certain Miley Cyrus was trending.  I’ve read multiple statuses (statusi? statusees?), tweets, and blogposts about the apparently mind-blowing/horrifying/raunchy performance by Miley Cyrus on the VMAs.  I didn’t see it, still haven’t, and probably won’t (even though I feel like I already have what…

What marriage is not

After 12 months of marriage, there are only two things that I really know without a doubt: 1. I love my husband more today that I did when I first said “I do.” 2. I have had absolutely no idea what I’ve been doing this past year.

when good men do nothing

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.  I’ve found myself on the verge of tears several times today at the thought of all the lives that have been taken.  I’ve asked God why he has allowed such injustice to continue; and I’ve wondered at the hypocrisy of an administration that preaches the protection…

3801 Lancaster

I just came across a short documentary today about the Gosnell abortion clinic in Philadelphia.  It was put together by a group called 3801 Lancaster who is following the case. It’s only twenty minutes, so if you have the time I would encourage you to watch and draw your own conclusions.  It’s an incredible example…

wisdom in unlikely places

I got my wisdom teeth out last Friday.  All four of them.  Normally, I take pride in the fact that I have a high tolerance for pain and that I can handle things like minor surgeries with no problem.  I’m tough.  And I can handle it. Well apparently last week I got shot with a…