A Choice That Changed the World

A baby was most definitely not in her plans. Not like this, anyway. What about her future? She was just a teenager. Still a girl. How would she explain this to her family? Would they understand? Would they believe her? How would she explain this to him? She couldn’t hide it forever. And he wouldContinue reading “A Choice That Changed the World”

Adoption vs. Abortion: How they’re similar and yet couldn’t be more different

November is National Adoption Awareness month, a that is set aside to draw attention to the countless young boys and girls in foster systems who are in need of forever homes. I had the chance to write a guest blog for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center on this topic, specifically how adoption and abortion compare withContinue reading “Adoption vs. Abortion: How they’re similar and yet couldn’t be more different”

Ignoring the Need

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go back to work at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center for a short period of time. It felt strange temporarily trading in diapers for data entry and cuddles for client files. And I have to say, there was something quite magical about making it through an afternoonContinue reading “Ignoring the Need”