My name is Mary Holloman, I’m the wife of my handsome hubby of nine years and mother of three ridiculously cute kiddos. I’m the Communications Coordinator for The Pregnancy Network, an organization committed to empowering women to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear.

I hope you’ll find true encouragement from my blog, All My Springs. Let’s be honest: parenting is hard. So is wife-ing. And adulting. And just life in general. It’s so easy to get weighed down by the everyday mundane. But I’m discovering that the everyday moments — the small, difficult, monotonous, does-any-of-this-really-matter moments — are the ones that matter most. They reveal who we really are.

I don’t always like the Mary that they reveal.

And that’s why I write. I believe everyday moments are the best teachers, and by sharing them here I’d like to think we can laugh, cry, forehead-slap, learn, and grow together.

A little about me: I have written for Just18Summers.com, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC)IntheQuiver.com, Charisma Magazine, Her View From Home, the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and am a contributing author for two books. I am represented by Tessa Emily Hall of the Cycle Young Literary Agency. You can click here to view my other published work.

When not working, writing, or engaging in verbal jousting with my children, I enjoy serving on the leadership team for my local church’s college ministry, speaking on pro-life issues, or shooting basketball.

So thanks for stopping by! I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends — I have a sense about these things. 🙂


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