When I Grow Up to be a Daddy

“I got you flowers, Mommy!” He spun in three circles and then did a forward roll off the couch. Some people express their excitement in mere words. Others need their whole bodies plus a three-foot radius. My son falls into the latter category. “Look at the flowers! I got them for you! Me and DaddyContinue reading “When I Grow Up to be a Daddy”

Shot-Sized Gratitude

“I like how you got me a shot-sized cup. Thanks for that.” I said the words with a smile, but I’m sure the snideness of my comment hadn’t gone unnoticed. “Well,” said my husband in his characteristic and sometimes annoyingly sweet innocence, “you asked for a kid’s meal, so that’s what I ordered and…that’s whatContinue reading “Shot-Sized Gratitude”

An Open Letter to Middle School Me

  Hey Middle School Mary, It’s me — Twenty-Something Mary. I hope you can tear your eyes away from instant messenger long enough to give my letter a read. I have some pretty heavy insight and wisdom to give to you, so go ahead — put up your away message (the one with the I’m-more-mysterious-and-deep-than-even-I-can-understand songContinue reading “An Open Letter to Middle School Me”

Love and Poop (and when both are overflowing)

The green neon numbers of the oven clock boasted 3:30 am. At least, I think they did. I hadn’t yet managed to successfully blink away all bleariness from my sleep-deprived eyes, so it’s possible I wasn’t seeing quite accurately. I guess I didn’t really care what time the kitchen clock told me it was —Continue reading “Love and Poop (and when both are overflowing)”

3 Messes No One Shares on Social Media

Social media is a tool which claims to be a representation of who you are — your likes, dislikes, what you did last week, what you ate this morning, who you went out with last night — but in reality, it displays the person that you want others to think you are. The difference is subtle but important.

The Intersection of Independence (Bottle-feeding is Emotional)

Ten weeks of 1-2 night feedings was starting to grate on me. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been so blessed to have a kid who gets good long stretches of sleep. But waking up constantly at 2 or 3 every morning – well – we all know that two fragmented four hour sessions isContinue reading “The Intersection of Independence (Bottle-feeding is Emotional)”

Memory Loss, Burp Cloths, and Measuring Up: 3 Things Learned in Month 2

In keeping with my goal of writing down some thoughts on what I am learning each new month of mommyhood, here are 3 new things from month number 2 (if you missed my post from month 1, you can check