Why Social Media has Ruined My Life


So I exaggerated – social media hasn’t ruined my life. And this isn’t a post lamenting the evils of social media. But it’s a thought that popped through my head today as I was attempting to spend a few moments with God.

I was sitting on our screened-in porch – something I don’t do enough – and began bringing to mind the laundry list of things I for which I needed to pray: my husband, family, job, future plans, friends…the list never ends. But before I began, I happened to glance to my right at our white wooden porch swing. The sun was setting and, in that moment, was filtering through the screened porch in a beautiful way. The view was overwhelmingly calming. It just seemed right. Peaceful. A gorgeous and temporary moment.

So naturally, I ran inside to grab the iPad so I could take a picture. This would be such a cute picture to post! I thought. I snapped the picture, mentally running through witty captions I could place with it (yeah, embarrassing…). I then settled back into my chair in order to continue enjoying the view and to get back to my list of prayer items.

That’s when I realized the moment was gone.

The sun had already set further, so that the light no longer streamed through the screened porch. It was still a pretty and peaceful view…but not the one that had originally made me stop and stare. You missed it, I said to myself.

I was struck by how quickly the moment had passed. I immediately began to hear quiet whispers in my heart, pointing out to me that this was not the only moment I had missed.

Moments from the weekend began flashing through my mind…

Working in the yard. Watching my husband faithfully mow the lawn. Making curtains for our bathroom. Sleeping in. Picking up a pizza just because. Talking with friends. Seeing Matt look at me like he’s always looked at me. Talking about the future. And a hundred other moments that, I realized, I probably didn’t completely enjoy. Appreciate. Relish.

Because those are often the same moments in which I am preoccupied with to do lists, fears, expectations, doubts, and insecurities. And I realized that, just as my temporary preoccupation with a social media picture distracted me from drinking in a unique moment, so also my other daily distractions can steal from the still, quiet, and priceless moments of each day.

As this realization dawned on me, familiar words drifted through my mind.

Be still, and know that I am God.

And then it hit me – how many times had I allowed the stuff of life to steal my moments with my Heavenly Father?

Worries and cares of this life will always exist. But the individual moments that give value to life are fleeting and should be enjoyed and guarded. And that includes my moments with the Creator.

So yeah, social media didn’t actually ruin my life. But I was reminded tonight to not let it – or other distractions – keep me from living in and experiencing moments that are gifts from God.

Don’t let the little moments slip away.

Be still.

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