Finding joy in everyday moments.
This is All My Springs.

Life is made up of the mundane – everyday moments that reveal who we really are. In this space, I like to write about the small moments that shape me daily. Motherhood, marriage, writing, working, trying, failing – these are the moments that matter. Thanks for coming along.

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Risks Worth Taking: My Writing Story

I got a 3 on my elementary school writing test. Do you remember those? It was in fourth grade. Each student was given a prompt, and you had a set amount of time to write a story using the prompt. The highest score you could receive was a 4.  I wanted that 4.  I got…

2023 Book Journal: Reading Together

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been preparing for the second half of the school year. My 2nd grader and kindergartner love to read, so I started looking for a downloadable book journal where they could keep track of the books they read throughout the year. There’s something really cool about looking back and seeing…

Grief, Advent, and Unanswerable Questions

I recently went to a routine doctors appointment where they ask you a thousand questions about your medical history. I rattled off the answers until the nurse asked the question I should have known was coming but didn’t. “How many pregnancies?” I don’t know exactly how much time it took me to answer. Probably 5-10…


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