Book Illustrations, High Functioning Anxiety, and the Call to Stand Tall

One question I get often is how much input did I have on the illustrations of The Anxious Lily. Here’s a short breakdown of what that process was like for me, as well as some fun pictures of the process! When writing a proposal for a children’s picture book, a best practice is to includeContinue reading “Book Illustrations, High Functioning Anxiety, and the Call to Stand Tall”

Risks Worth Taking: My Writing Story

I got a 3 on my elementary school writing test. Do you remember those? It was in fourth grade. Each student was given a prompt, and you had a set amount of time to write a story using the prompt. The highest score you could receive was a 4.  I wanted that 4.  I gotContinue reading “Risks Worth Taking: My Writing Story”

15 God-Focused Activities & Devotionals

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. From the moment the calendar flips to September 1, everything’s either pumpkin-spiced, plaid, or bonfire-scented. And on top of all the Fall-even-though-it’s-still-85-degrees-in-North-Carolina decor, there are the 3,264 events you can attend or sign up your family for.  Is it just me, or does it seem as ifContinue reading “15 God-Focused Activities & Devotionals”

Awkward Mom Moments (And Why They Matter)

The music was so loud I could hardly hear myself think. I climbed out of my minivan and cast a sideways, amused glance at the car next to me. I remembered the days when I used to crank my music to ungodly levels. Something tells me I just wouldn’t look as cool today rocking outContinue reading “Awkward Mom Moments (And Why They Matter)”

3 Weeks of God-Focused Fall Activities for Young Children

If you’re like me, you might get a little overwhelmed with the 3,643 events that happen in the fall. It kind of seems like there’s a tad bit of pressure to do ALL the things. After all, if you don’t enjoy a pumpkin-spiced-something while wearing cute wedge boots and carving a pumpkin…did fall even happen? I’mContinue reading “3 Weeks of God-Focused Fall Activities for Young Children”

When You’d Rather Be Eating Breakfast Casserole (and other parenting fails)

Seriously, you’ve only been breathing air for 15 months — how is it possible that you’re constantly knocking me down a peg? This was the thought rolling through my head as my little toddler stared up at me with his impossibly blue eyes, hands folded before him in patient expectation. Allow me to back upContinue reading “When You’d Rather Be Eating Breakfast Casserole (and other parenting fails)”

The Art of Left-handedness

A few weeks ago my husband and I were in our bathroom brushing our teeth before bed. “Why are you brushing your teeth left-handed?” my husband asked me. I glanced down and saw that, yes, my toothbrush was in my left hand. “Uhhh…” I paused, trying to think why I was doing this when IContinue reading “The Art of Left-handedness”