my world just became bigger

I made the mistake of spending the last month or so reading the book Radical. I then made the even worse mistake of taking David Platt’s advice and checking out a resource called Operation World.  There’s no denying it now – The world doesn’t revolve around me.  My life is not my own.  And thereContinue reading “my world just became bigger”

would you look at that? :: 2011

I know a lot of people who have been “reverbing” 2011 in their blogs – basically reflecting on the past year and thinking about ways that they’ve grown, struggled, learned, and experienced life in a way that has affected or changed them.  I’m really bad at reading blogs, but I’m pretty good at scanning/speed-reading themContinue reading “would you look at that? :: 2011”

Everyone! come look at how busy I am!

I just started my last semester of school a few weeks ago.  I think there was a small piece of me that thought it was going to be really chill, that I could sort of sit back, enjoy, and just let everything sort of happen while I cruise on closer to graduation. This has been,Continue reading “Everyone! come look at how busy I am!”