Shot-Sized Gratitude

“I like how you got me a shot-sized cup. Thanks for that.” I said the words with a smile, but I’m sure the snideness of my comment hadn’t gone unnoticed. “Well,” said my husband in his characteristic and sometimes annoyingly sweet innocence, “you asked for a kid’s meal, so that’s what I ordered and…that’s whatContinue reading “Shot-Sized Gratitude”

Embracing the Normal

  A few weekends ago┬ámy son got a stomach bug. You know, the throwing-up-all-over-mom-and-dad-and-lying-face-down-on-the-floor-crying kind of bug. Our sweet boy who normally moves constantly (as indicated by the above picture of him face planting), babbles incessantly, and giggles uncontrollably became quiet, tired, and uncharacteristically snuggly. My heart broke when he would crawl up to meContinue reading “Embracing the Normal”