3 Weeks of God-Focused Fall Activities for Young Children

god-focused fall activities

If you’re like me, you might get a little overwhelmed with the 3,643 events that happen in the fall. It kind of seems like there’s a tad bit of pressure to do ALL the things. After all, if you don’t enjoy a pumpkin-spiced-something while wearing cute wedge boots and carving a pumpkin…did fall even happen?

I’m guilty of trying to do all the events and activities with my kids. Like if I don’t do enough, they’ll be in therapy someday, lamenting the woes of their lost fall childhood to their therapist. “If only I’d gone apple picking, I might have gotten a real job and made something of myself,” they’d say.

I can be a bit dramatic.

So this fall, my goal is to just calm down and be intentional with my children by making each task, event, or activity an opportunity to point them to Jesus. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but I’m learning that children are so receptive to the truth that even the simplest task, when connected to Jesus, can make a lasting impression.

So as I’m putting this into practice for our family, I wanted to share this resource with you, too: 3 Weeks of God-Focused Fall Activities for Young Children.

I’ve found with my 3-year-old that reading a different devotional every day isn’t nearly as effective as focusing on the same scripture and devotional concept every day for about a week at a time. So I’ve chosen three scripture passages for three different weeks. 

Each week you will have a set of three simple things to get you started:

  1. 5 or less activities that require little or no advanced prep or materials
  2. An application to the week’s scripture for each activity
  3. Discussion questions for dinner time, bedtime, or any time throughout the day

My 3-year-old isn’t super into crafts (and they stress me out), so most of the activities involve playing pretend, lots of movement, or being outside. The format is flexible and can be adjusted for a variety of ages. My hope is that this resource will spark countless ideas as you direct your children to Jesus. 

Here’s an example:

3 weeks of God-focused fall activities

Want to Give it a Try?

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So consider this an official invitation to not get stressed out about this time of year. Instead, let’s take each day for what it is: an opportunity to point our children to God. 

One simple, intentional conversation at a time.


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