Book Illustrations, High Functioning Anxiety, and the Call to Stand Tall

One question I get often is how much input did I have on the illustrations of The Anxious Lily. Here’s a short breakdown of what that process was like for me, as well as some fun pictures of the process!

When writing a proposal for a children’s picture book, a best practice is to include any vision or ideas you have for illustrations on that designated spread. So for example, in my manuscript, after the written text, I would include in brackets a sentence or two describing what I saw in my head. There’s no guarantee that a publisher will use that specific idea, but it is very helpful in communicating the story—because as we all know, the illustrations tell the story just as much as the words do.

I felt extremely lucky to have a publisher that asked for the style I liked and for any extra ideas. My understanding is that is not always the case! My absolute favorite illustration is one that my son helped me with. The original sketch is below! You can see Lola bent low, working with a night sky behind her.

One sign of high functioning anxiety is productivity. A person may be getting a lot done, not because they have peace internally, but because they don’t. Productivity is not the enemy (far from it!), but if our drive to do more comes from a place of fear and lack of trust in God’s provision, then we’re only running ourselves ragged and missing out on true rest.

Has this ever been you? Bent over in worry, afraid of what might happen, and convinced that you and you alone can make everything ok?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s been me. Sometimes still is. But daily reliance on God is helping me stand tall. You can stand tall too. It’s what you were made for. ❤️

“While you bend in worry, the world is awake! To hide from your purpose would be a mistake.”

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