3 Weeks of God-Focused Fall Activities for Young Children

If you’re like me, you might get a little overwhelmed with the 3,643 events that happen in the fall. It kind of seems like there’s a tad bit of pressure to do ALL the things. After all, if you don’t enjoy a pumpkin-spiced-something while wearing cute wedge boots and carving a pumpkin…did fall even happen? I’mContinue reading “3 Weeks of God-Focused Fall Activities for Young Children”

Every Heart Wants the Story

He had to use both arms and tilt his body sideways to support its weight, but you could spot the puffed out chest and unfettered pride from a mile away. A certain three-year-old had a brand new Bible. “This is God’s true Word, Ryleigh,” he told his baby sister. “Be gentle with it.” Ryleigh stuffedContinue reading “Every Heart Wants the Story”

3 Surefire Ways to Suck the Fun from Time with Your Kids

I’ve only been a mom for 3.5 years now. Not long enough for me to master much of anything, but plenty long enough for me to learn that I’m capable of sucking the fun out of everything. Seriously. Everything. Being Type A and all, I tend to approach life with an I-will-conquer-you-and-be-productive-or-die-trying kind of attitude.Continue reading “3 Surefire Ways to Suck the Fun from Time with Your Kids”

Made in His Image

I tilted the bag upside down and watched as the potting soil tumbled into the large plastic container. As the mound of dirt grew higher, my children’s eyes grew wider. My 14-month-old gasped in delight and my three-year-old began a dance not unlike the I’ve-really-gotta-go dance. Back and forth, left foot, right foot. The kindContinue reading “Made in His Image”

You Know You’re a Parent When…

I had such a fun time touching base with other moms this week and asking them, “What are some of the weirdest things you’ve said or done as a parent that you never would have done before kids?” The answers are hysterical, because I know they’re all 100% true! Check out these 20 “You knowContinue reading “You Know You’re a Parent When…”

When I Grow Up to be a Daddy

“I got you flowers, Mommy!” He spun in three circles and then did a forward roll off the couch. Some people express their excitement in mere words. Others need their whole bodies plus a three-foot radius. My son falls into the latter category. “Look at the flowers! I got them for you! Me and DaddyContinue reading “When I Grow Up to be a Daddy”

The Loneliest Job: Hope for Every Mother

The bloodcurdling scream pierced the tranquility of countless shoppers. I swallowed hard and began the painstaking trek towards the automatic doors, which seemed miles away. It mightn’t have taken me so long had I not had 32 pounds of boneless deadweight to pull behind me while also holding 20 pounds of oblivious enthusiasm in myContinue reading “The Loneliest Job: Hope for Every Mother”

Christmas Service Calendar (for your little narcissists)

Well, this is the year. The year my almost three-year-old has finally gotten wise to the fact that Christmas = presents. For the first time, he’s started actually asking for things. This conversation happened the other day: B: Mommy, what do you want for Christmas? Me: Aww, well, I’d like a– B: I think youContinue reading “Christmas Service Calendar (for your little narcissists)”

Slippery Thighs & Sunday Lies

I had the opportunity to write once again for Just 18 Summers this past week. Check out an excerpt below and consider exploring Just18Summers.com and the great parenting resources you’ll find there! Slathering vegetable oil onto my two-year-old’s leg while he screamed in perfect unison with my three-month-old wasn’t exactly how I’d envisioned the startContinue reading “Slippery Thighs & Sunday Lies”

How to Stop Toddler Tantrums: a foolproof guide that always works some of the time

If you’ve never been on the receiving end of a toddler tantrum, imagine that a small drunken person is screaming at you about illogical things like the injustice of having to drink out of a blue cup instead of a red one, or having to wear clothes when leaving the house or not being allowedContinue reading “How to Stop Toddler Tantrums: a foolproof guide that always works some of the time”