would you look at that? :: 2011

I know a lot of people who have been “reverbing” 2011 in their blogs – basically reflecting on the past year and thinking about ways that they’ve grown, struggled, learned, and experienced life in a way that has affected or changed them.  I’m really bad at reading blogs, but I’m pretty good at scanning/speed-reading them – so I’ve done that to several blogs and gotten some good insight into the type of year people have had.

I’ve done some of my own thinking about this past year – don’t worry, I’m not going to spend endless paragraphs reminiscing (as if you’d keep reading anyway).  I usually don’t make too big a deal out of New Year’s – I think it’s pretty cheesy, and I may or may not be that person who makes jokes about those who come up with new years resolutions to “be nicer” or “go to the gym more.”  I saw the New Years Eve movie and pretty much rolled my eyes the entire time (except for the bloopers, they were pretty funny).

That being said, I think there’s great value in looking back over the course of a year and seeing how God has grown, stretched, and changed you.  And while I’ve always tended to be cynical towards New Years in the past, God has really laid some things on my heart for the coming year and I haven’t been able to get them off my mind.

So here are some highlights of things that God did in my life in 2011 –

I went to Passion2011 in Atlanta, Georgia and was able to worship with thousands of other believers.

I was able to build relationships in a context outside of my comfort zone – I made some awesome friends!

I got to work with kids as part of my major…

I was reunited with old friends – there’s nothing quite like running towards old friends at 100 mph when you haven’t seen them in months and months.

I met 18 complete strangers and we served Christ together for two months – after that we weren’t strangers anymore 🙂

I led Bible study – we called ourselves the Green Cannons and we always rocked.

I met kids and heard their stories and God broke my heart for them.

I got engaged to my best friend in the world 🙂

Relationships were strengthened..

I graduated from college.

I grew this mustache.

Haha. I kid.

These pictures show a lot of awesome moments, but they also remind me of the valleys that I experienced throughout the year – the low, broken moments when God grew me the most.  God has been prodding at my heart the past few weeks about some changes that need to happen in my life, and He has used the experiences of 2011 to show me that.

If you like being shown how much you need to change, say “oooOOOO!”

My prayer is that I will follow God wherever He leads and that my heart and life will be transformed by His work in my life.

Tune in next time to see exactly how God has been challenging me –

pray that He would challenge your heart as well.

Growth only comes from struggle.

Hebrews 12:4-13

James 1:2-4

2 thoughts on “would you look at that? :: 2011

  1. How could you be cynical about New Year’s? It’s my Birthday – that’s the real reason everyone is celebrating, right? 😉

    I love reading your reflections on your blog and I hope I’ll still see you around now that you’re all graduated and getting married and stuff.

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