He is enough

Cycle 4 has ended.  Rather than try and explain the things that have gone on at CentriKid by writing paragraphs and paragraphs, here are some of the random blurbs and thoughts that come to mind when I think of these past several weeks…

  • Being present when a 4th grader made a decision to follow Christ
  • seeing kids that were in  my Bible study last year – and having them remember me 🙂
  • eating pizza late at night provided by awesome church groups
  • loading the Ryder on a Thursday night
  • “Pronghorn….whaaaat?”
  • sprinting across Campbellsville’s campus and scaling a fence
  • getting ridiculously messy at OMC
  • laughing hysterically at the Missions videos – even though we’ve seen them a hundred times
  • praying with a girl during OMC
  • wrestling with pool noodles in the back of a 15 passenger van – don’t worry, I won.
  • singing songs about snow cones in an attempt to get kids to buy them
  • hearing 300+ voices singing “Our God” during worship
  • hearing a sixth grader use the word “miniscule” in a sentence while explaining the Gospel
  • Micheal Walley hiding under a table and scaring the life out of me
  • Collin Spindle’s epic dance moves
  •  watching my team be intentional with kids and love on them
  •  some epic OMC cheers
  • van rides with extremely memorable conversations
  • hearing kids tell me that they want a deeper relationship with Christ
  • being able to connect volleyball to the Gospel
  • hearing the journeys of the people on my team – God changes lives.
  • hearing our pastor make a connection between the Gospel and getting a french fry stuck up his nose
  • lying on the stage and watching Toy Story on the big screens in the audi
  • yelling and screaming until my voice is gone
  • having my entire team surround me in prayer when I am at my weakest point
  • realizing that God is enough.  Even when we have to say goodbye. Even when things are really painful sometimes. Even when I feel completely powerless to truly impact a camper or when I feel like I have failed – God is enough.  His grace is sufficient and He is strong when I am weak.
Praise God for His faithfulness.

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One thought on “He is enough

  1. I love your blurbs! I’m quite sure that some of these kids will think back years from now and remember how Mary influenced them during their camp experience. And I love that a kid used the word ‘minuscule’ – yay for good vocab!!

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