Hellooo Florida!

So after about 16ish hours of driving (give or take a few hours…it’s all a little foggy now actually…) we finally made it to Eckerd College in Florida around 5 o’clock yesterday evening.  I have to say, there really can’t be anything more entertaining than spending hours in a car with a bunch of other people who are basically running on little or no sleep – the conversations that ensued were quite memorable and definitely served as bonding moments that shall go down in history.  I recall some epic dance parties going down inside a certain 15 passenger van (see video below), as well as our rec leader reading Harry Potter out loud to me as I drove (he did the voices and everything.  It was quite legit).

As soon as we got here we began setting up camp and preparing for the brand new campers that will roll in tomorrow afternoon.  All last week and leading up to this coming week, I have had a continual burden for the kids that I have met and will meet.  I have felt a strong, almost tangible desire for these kids to really know and experience the truth of the Gospel.  My greatest fear is that kids will fall into spiritual deception when hearing a watered down version of the Gospel, thinking that they have a relationship that is in fact nonexistent.  My prayer is that the Gospel would be proclaimed in every aspect of camp – but even as I type that, I realize that my prayer should really be that the Gospel would be proclaimed in every aspect of my life.  I experience the greatest joy when I am openly and unashamedly sharing the Gospel.  Every moment of my life should be intentional – no matter who I am interacting with.  I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything more fulfilling than sharing the truth of who Christ is and what He has done for us.  God has called us to share the Gospel with others – so let’s do it.

One thought on “Hellooo Florida!

  1. This video makes me miss you and jam sessions terribly! I heard- Mary, I’ve never seen this side of you from someone in the background.. Oh if she only saw what the walls of Cotten 208 saw 😉 Fun, fun times! Love the blog- you’re doing great! Keep it up! Praying for you and HAVE FUN! 😀

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