before and after

I can hardly believe that two days ago I was hanging out with kids in Florida, being roasted by the sun and getting called out for my North Carolina accent.  Well it is now June 2nd (I think…), which means that CK7 is now in Ridgecrest, North Carolina!!  This post is really just a feeble attempt at giving a small update about the camp world.  I am extremely tired and don’t expect to last much more than 5 minutes after I hit the “publish” button.  But just in case you were starting to wonder, CK7 has officially arrived in NC, and we just finished setting up camp a little over an hour ago.  God is faithful and has been working in huge ways – even in spite of our weaknesses!  I can’t wait to see how He moves this coming week.  Here are some before and after pics to better describe what our day involved…


Oh, and just for kicks: the following video is one of our morning staff meetings (aka our pre-OMC warm up!)

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