The 12 days of camp

The 12 days of camp – no, it’s not a song, but it is the number of days in a row that CK7 is running camp.  Our first week of camp was last Monday through Friday.  The campers left Friday morning, and then a few hours later a new batch of kids came rolling in for our weekend camps.  And now I sit here taking a breath and preparing for the 500 kids that will be arriving tomorrow.  By the time next Friday rolls around, it will be 12 consecutive days.

How in the world?

I feel physically and emotionally spent.  Right now I am the definition of the word exhausted, as is the rest of my amazing team.  I cannot describe how incredibly humbled I have been this week by the fact that God chooses to use us in spite of our many weaknesses.  I have already had days where I have thought God, there is no way I can possibly do this – and always, always, God provides the strength we need in order to pour out and serve these kids.

And coincidentally (or maybe not…) that is our theme for the summer: God provides.  He provides forgiveness for us.  He provides a calling.  He provides enough.  And He provides through us.  God gives us the privilege of sharing the richness of His Gospel with others that we come in contact with.

A few hours ago our team had staff worship, and I was brought to my knees by the greatness of our God.  I was faced with the reality that there is truly nothing that I can do apart from God and His grace.  Any good thing that comes from me is a direct result of Christ working in me.  As I reflect back over the week and weekend, I see the times that I fell short – when I stumbled over my words in sharing the Gospel, when I didn’t explain a rec game the right way, or when I fell asleep backstage during worship in the middle of my stage managing duties (sorry about that one guys! 🙂 ).  I actually had the privilege of seeing a girl come to Christ this week, and as I look back at that experience, I see that it was totally, completely, 100% the work of God in her heart – it had absolutely nothing to do with me.  How incredible that God allows us to be a part of His work!

Tomorrow we start week 2 of the summer.  About 500 kids will be here in less than 24 hours – please be praying that God would draw kids and adults to Himself and that He would reveal to them the mystery of the Gospel.  Even as I sit here, thinking about the week ahead, I am so excited for the work God will be doing!

CK7 after OMC!
First Bible study of the summer!
Track time!

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