meet CK7

Wow…I am utterly exhausted!  Training week is basically over, and now our team is preparing for the campers to roll in on Monday.  It is amazing to see how God has brought 19 people together to serve Him together over the course of the summer.  I already love my team and can’t wait to continue living life with them over the next 2 months.  God has already been working on my heart in so many ways – He has especially been opening my eyes to how desperately I am in need of Him.  I’ve been reading and studying John 15 and the surrounding chapters all week – they are seriously mind blowing.  Apart from Christ I can do absolutely nothing.  How often I forget that!

I’d love to write more but exhaustion is creeping up on me – but am I going to bed? Of course not, because CK7 is playing cards in about 20 minutes, and it is going to be f-u-n FUN!

Here’s a video to give a glimpse of what my team is like.  This is our cheer at OMC (don’t know what OMC is?  Check out, and you can get an idea 🙂 ).

p.s. Our team definitely won for Best Cheer 🙂

One thought on “meet CK7

  1. Amazing cheer!! I love it!!! It looks like you have a great team. We’re praying for you all… love you!

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