10 Things That Would Be Weird to Say Without Your Child Nearby

Happy Friday! Congratulations, you’ve made it. How are you celebrating?  I’m doing so by sitting here on my couch in a catatonic state. No seriously — I just spent the last five minutes staring blankly at the floor. My little almost-one-year-old just left to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa, and I’m really not sure who of the two of us is more excited. A certain little someone has decided that naps are beneath him the past few days and, well….hence the staring blankly at the floor.


Anyway, I was playing the day back through my head and thinking of everything I’ve said and done…and realized how weird my actions would have been if you removed the baby from the equation.

So, here are some things that I said today that would be super strange/awkward/odd without a child in the mix:

  1. Please don’t put that in your mouth.
  2. I really wish you’d keep your socks on.
  3. Can you give Puppy a hug? How about a kiss? Gooooooood job!!
  4. Wheeere…issss…yoooour….belly??
  5. How about you DON’T stick your fingers up my nose…
  6. Sorry, I think he’s just really mesmerized by your beard…
  7. Excuse me, can I have a few extra spoons for him to play with?
  8. You’re going to hurt your knees if you keep crawling on the fireplace.
  9. Hold still, I’ll have your thigh free in a second…
  10. Let’s not lick the flip-flop, ok?

Whew! As exhausted as I am right now, I can’t help but laugh at the silliness that comes with being a mommy.

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter, joy, and REST.


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