final lap

It’s definitely been 2 (or maybe 3?) weeks since I last wrote a post.  Epic fail on my part!  But camp has been so busy and the internet so slow that I’ve struggled to find a few moments to gather my thoughts together into one place.  And now I suddenly realize that CK7 only has one week of camp left – when did that happen??

Part of me is ready to start the next phase of life and get back home; but the other part of my doesn’t want to leave, but would rather keep doing this thing called camp for weeks and weeks to come.  The reality has finally started to set in that this coming week could in fact be my last – not just for the summer, but forever.  Kind of a sad thought…but praise God for allowing me the privilege of serving Him in this way for two summers of my life.

Definitely more detailed blogs to come in the future…but right now, my Harry Potter book is calling my name (but let’s be serious…I’ll probably be asleep within ten minutes 🙂 )

And for your enjoyment: OMC from a camper’s perspective!

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