Watching a Lily Grow

This past spring I planted a lily bulb. I should note that I’m terrible with plants and really anything that requires nourishment to survive. (Other than my children. I can handle that.) But being the sappy person I am, I wanted to just watch a lily grow, because I knew this year I’d get to watch something else grow and come to life for the first time: my book.  

The Anxious Lily is about Lola, a lily who spends her whole life fearing the unknowns and the what-ifs. She’s so consumed with what might happen that she completely misses what IS happening – her own miraculous growth. 

And wouldn’t you know it, after weeks and weeks of waiting, the week I saw my book’s cover for the first time was the same week this sweet little flower finally bloomed. 

Honestly, the character of Lola is just an extension of myself. When I first wrote the story, I was trying to process internal fears and worries. And this idea that my own internal angst was causing me to miss the beauty of the world burst on to the page. 

This lily was designed to reach toward the sky, toward the One who created it. Can you imagine if instead it bent low to the dirt, working frantically to plan ahead for what-ifs and maybes and needs that its Creator has already taken care of? 

That’s exactly what we do every time we trust ourselves and our limited understanding instead of the God who knows us completely and promises to care for our souls. 

In about 3 months (eek!), The Anxious Lily will be released to the world and I seriously cannot wait to share this story with you. You can preorder your copy now by clicking below!

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