6 Ways to Help Your Child with Anxiety: A Free Resource

Intrusive thoughts, fears, and worries can be paralyzing. It’s easy to tell our children (or ourselves!) to just move on mentally and “don’t worry about it.” But this is much easier said than done. Throughout Scripture, we see a pattern of not only throwing off unhealthy or sinful practices, but also putting on healthy, godly practices.

In other words, we must replace intrusive thoughts, fears, and worries with the truth of God’s promises. That’s why I’ve put together some practical strategies for talking with your children about worries, and also printable cards with some of God’s promises from His Word. These strategies have been so helpful in my own life – for both my children and myself – and I hope they will be helpful to you.

The Scripture cards are meant to be printed double-sided, so that a summary of God’s promise is on one side, and the Scripture itself is on the other. You can print, cut, and place these in prominent places where you and your children will see them. (Helpful hint: if you’re able, consider laminating them or printing on cardstock to make them last longer. You can punch a hole in the corner and stick a binder ring through them, or Velcro them to a focal board.) When you or your child is faced with anxiety or intrusive thoughts, take out one of these cards and pray over these promises together.

Remember, anxiety is an opportunity to grow closer with your child and create mutual trust.

Discipling our children as they navigate worries and fears is hard – but you are not alone! God has given us everything we need in His Word – we just have to turn to it.

Click below for instant access to these free resources. You’ll find two versions with the same content but different images: one with flowers, and one with swords. Enjoy!


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