How to Get Your Child to Sleep Instantly Every Time


In lieu of my typical “3 Things Learned…” post, I’ve decided to share a few extra gold nuggets regarding sleep. Stop looking, everyone, because I have found a foolproof method for getting your child to fall asleep for naps and/or bedtime every time.

Below I have listed a few simple steps along with 34 simple troubleshooting techniques to have your little angel snoozing away in no time. It’s all so simple, I’m thinking about writing a book. Feel free to thank me by leaving a comment on this post.

How to get your child to sleep instantly every time:

Step 1: Inform your child that it is his/her naptime/bedtime.

Step 2: Place your child in his/her crib.

Troubleshooting Techniques: If your child does not fall asleep instantly, here are some of the possible reasons to address –

1. Your child is not sleepy enough

2. Your child is too sleepy

3. Your child is bored

4. Your child is understimualted

5. Your child is over-stimulated

6. Your child is hungry

7. Your child’s diaper is too wet

8. Your child’s diaper is too dry

9. Your child would rather stay awake

10. Your child is gassy

11. Your child needs to burp

12. Your child is already asleep

13. Your child just wants to make you angry

14. Your child’s room is too bright

15. Your child’s room is too dark

16. Your child’s room does not have enough white noise

17. Your child is uncomfortable

18. Your child’s clothes are too tight

19. Your child’s clothes are too loose

20. Your child wants to be held

21. Your child wants you to leave him alone

22. Your child is screaming

23. Your child has the hiccups

24. Your child is pooping

25. Your child wants his pacifier

26. Your child hates his pacifier

27. Your child wants to be soothed

28. Your child wants to cry-it-out

29. Your child needs to be swaddled

30. Your child hates being swaddled

31. Your child just woke up

32. Your child is extraverted

33. Your child is introverted

34. Your child stopped taking naps years ago

*Disclaimer: In the event that you run through each of these problem-solving techniques and find that your child has indeed already missed his or her nap time during your attempts, start once again with number 1 and continue the cycle until you or your child fall asleep from exhaustion.

For anyone who’s ever wanted to tell all the sleep experts exactly what they can do with their advice and techniques – know you’re not alone.

Here’s to doing whatever works for you and your child – one nap at a time.

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